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2023 Prediction: A People First Mentality is Crucial to Success

2023 Predictions: Caregiver Retention & Recruitment


“Recruiting and retaining caregivers will continue to be a major pain point for the industry and a limiter of growth for agencies nationwide.” 
-Todd Allen, CEO of AxisCare. 

We recently sat down with our CEO, Todd Allen, to hear his top three insights and predictions for 2023 for the home care industry and wanted to dive into his first prediction a little bit further. To no surprise, the topic of caregiver retention and recruitment was first on his (and most likely your) mind. 

As we enter 2023, it is vital that agency owners and staff have a “people first mentality” regarding the treatment of their caregivers. Your caregivers are the lifeline to your client’s happiness and your agency’s success and avoiding high turnover is crucial this year. 

 The delicate balance between focusing on the happiness of your caregivers and your clients may help you succeed in your retention efforts in 2023.

To support you in those efforts, we’ve pulled together some of our most popular resources on the topic:

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