Overview of Veterans Affairs Billing

AxisCare VA Billing is a full-service billing option where we will complete all of your VA Billing needs, from setting up your clients’ billing tabs correctly to submissions and appeals.

We take care of all the details in order to submit clean claims that will be paid every time to get you paid faster with fewer issues!

Key Benefits

On average, our agencies get paid in 8-10 days.

✓ We set up all the billing configurations FOR YOU inside your AxisCare system.

✓ We advocate on your behalf to STOP recoupments.

✓ Get paid directly from VA–we don’t impound your money.

✓ We do all of the work for you to help get you paid faster!

How It Works

Your office uploads paperwork from the VA (referrals, authorizations, etc.) to the documents tab in a client’s profile and we set up the billing tab in their profile.

We submit claims on a bi-monthly basis, work rejections/denials, and we apply payments in AxisCare so you can see the status for each individual claim. Payments then come directly to YOU!

Pricing Information

Contact Support (support@axiscare.com) for any questions regarding pricing.

Get Started

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