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Streamline Operations With Our Advanced Home Care Scheduling Software

Schedule Faster With Fewer Errors

For such a fundamental task, home care scheduling sure is tricky. Unexpected surprises can crop up on both sides, and it can be difficult to square caregivers’ availability with patients’ needs and locations.

Tackling these challenges manually is both a headache and totally unnecessary. Home care scheduling software does all of the heavy lifting, from client-caregiver matchmaking to filling open shifts based on availability and drive distance. Automating these tasks removes the risk of human error from these processes and yields universally better outcomes that boost satisfaction at all levels. Less admin, more wins.

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Easy to Learn

User-Friendly Design

Onboarding a new home care scheduling software is challenging enough – it’s important to simplify wherever you can. AxisCare’s interface is intuitive and easy to learn, so you can get caregivers up to speed quickly and increase adherence long-term.

  • Tailor our solution to your needs with advanced customization options
  • Quickly create personalized care plans, then share them directly with caregivers and clients
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing workflows to enhance care coordination
  • Assign or reassign shifts using easy drag-and-drop feature
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Schedule Faster

Caregiver Matching

Our sophisticated algorithm knows exactly when caregivers are available and which patients are best aligned with their expertise. It considers data points like skills, overtime, schedule history, and even preferences such as pet allergies to yield a perfect match every time. 

  • Instantly pair available caregivers with clients in need
  • Accommodate schedule changes with ease
  • Avoid unnecessary detours by assigning shifts based on drive distance
  • Boost satisfaction on both sides by eliminating confusion and increasing consistency

Improve Efficiency​

Fill Open Shifts Fast​

What if a client needs to rebook their appointment? What if a caregiver calls in sick or is running behind? Accommodating last-minute changes and routine scheduling needs requires flexibility, a crystal-clear overview of your calendar, and purpose-built communication tools. 

  • Identify and assign visits at a glance using color-coded calendars
  • Send open shifts to select caregivers via text, email, or our mobile app
  • Receive automated caregiver recommendations for open slots based on preference, skills, availability, overtime, and more
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Increase Your Visibility

Real-Time Alerts

A day in the life of a caregiver is anything but predictable. We help private duty home care agencies communicate urgent updates in just a few clicks, avoiding scheduling mishaps and enabling stakeholders to deliver outstanding service.

  • Receive updates when caregivers are running behind schedule
  • Reduce no-shows by sending shift reminders via text, email, or our mobile app
  • Notify schedulers when a caregiver is approaching overtime
  • Centralize alerts under one roof for increased accountability

Keep Your Data Organized

Documentation and Reporting

To make better decisions in the future, agencies need to track their performance and keep clear records today. AxisCare makes generating, retrieving, and interpreting various reports easily, helping agencies refine their operational strategies through actionable insights.

  • Confirm shifts are fulfilled and remain compliant with electronic visit verification
  • Understand visit changes, overtime hours, and more with 12+ scheduling reports
  • View complete historical summaries of visits and schedule changes
  • Automatically log rejected shifts
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