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Schedule Faster With Fewer Errors

Scheduling is at the heart of your agency’s growth and success. AxisCare’s intuitive and intelligent algorithms help agencies schedule faster with fewer errors.

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Easy to Learn

User-Friendly Design

  • The AxisCare caregiver scheduling software is easy to learn and adaptable to your agency’s needs
  • Drag and drop functionality makes schedule changes effortless
  • Quickly send available shifts to caregivers, giving them more hours
  • AxisCare’s Mobile App allows for seamless clock in and out, HIPAA-compliant chat with the office, and visit documentation by your caregivers
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Schedule Faster

Caregiver Matching

  • Intelligent algorithms identify the best caregiver for the shift based on skills, availability, overtime, schedule history, and even preferences such as pet allergies
  • Gone are the days of manual calculations of drive distances between your caregiver’s visits — save resources and time with AxisCare’s intuitive scheduling features
  • AxisCare’s technology centric scheduling can be leveraged to build stronger caregiver-client relationships and overall increase job satisfaction and retention

Improve Efficiency​

Fill Open Shifts Fast​

  • Color coded calendars and schedules allow you to easily spot and assign visits while visualizing your schedule at a glance
  • Send open visits to select caregivers via text, email, or our mobile app
  • Our caregiver scheduling software will recommend the best caregiver for the shift based on preferences, skills, availability, overtime, schedule history, and more
  • First come, first served: The first caregiver to accept the request will be scheduled
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Increase Your Visibility

Real-Time Alerts

  • Receive real-time alerts for caregivers that are late
  • Caregivers are reminded of shifts via text, email, or mobile app notifications so you can reduce no-shows
  • Schedulers are alerted if a caregiver is approaching overtime

Keep Your Data Organized

Documentation and Reporting

  • Utilize 12+ scheduling reports to see all schedules, visit changes, overtime hours, and more 
  • View full histories of changes to visits and schedules
  • Automated logging of rejected shifts by caregivers for HR purposes
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