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Caregiver Satisfaction Survey

AxisCare’s In-House Solution to the Industry’s Largest Hurdle: Caregiver Retention

AxisCare’s Caregiver Satisfaction Survey feature is aimed directly at fixing the home care industry’s pain point of caregiver retention. Caregiver turnover on average is 65% for the industry, this feature empowers agency owners to gather real-time insights from their staff throughout the day, providing an upper hand on employee churn and retention efforts.

Delivered through the AxisCare Mobile App – Available for iPhone and Android.

caregiver satisfaction survey

Quickly Address Satisfaction Risks in Your Organization

Fostering Transparency and Honesty

AxisCare’s Caregiver Satisfaction Survey feature allows you to:

  • Configure custom alerts and define specific questions for staff.
  • Evaluate caregiver experience in real-time.
  • Administer in-the-moment push-notifications via the Caregiver Mobile App.
  • Gather quick, rating-like responses minimizing disruptions while administering care.
  • Get pinpointed feedback to quickly address and prevent caregiver turnover.
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Don’t settle for average software onboarding. Experience the AxisCare difference.