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Streamline Home Care Management With Our Caregiver Mobile App

Everything Caregivers Need in One Place

Everything paper can do, devices can do better. The AxisCare Mobile App for caregivers is designed to make daily tasks simpler and more efficient by centralizing data in a single online location.

Available for iPhone and Android.

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Say Goodbye to Paper Timesheets and Manual Scheduling

Empowering Caregivers on the Go

Our Caregiver Mobile App makes it easy to accurately record and effortlessly manage every moment of care. With tedious admin tasks off their plates, caregivers have more time to focus on what truly matters – providing exceptional care to the clients who depend on them.

Peace of Mind for You and Your Caregivers

  • When using the AxisCare Caregiver Mobile App, caregivers are equipped with all necessary information needed to perform a smooth client visit, including visit location & GPS, important client notes, ADLs, care plans, and more.
  • Built in GPS tracking removes the guesswork and unnecessary office calls, giving your staff piece of mind that your caregivers are on-site at the appropriate time.

Built With Your Caregivers in Mind

  • Give your staff the ability to efficiently document vital visit information, allowing them to spend more face-to-face time with their clients.
  • AxisCare makes app onboarding a breeze: caregivers are offered a self-guided tour upon initial login, running them through all of the essential functions so they can start off on the right foot. 

EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) Compliant

  • The AxisCare Mobile App captures all required visit information for EVV compliance, accurately identifying caregiver locations for clock in/out time and attendance documentation for state regulations.
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Simplify Scheduling & Time Tracking

Manually managing caregiver schedules and the associated admin tasks can be like herding cats. From delays on the road to absences and unexpected changes, there are a thousand moving parts to consider when assigning and reassigning shifts. Couple that with the requirement to match each caregiver with clients’ specific needs, and you have a gargantuan responsibility on your hands. Here’s how a mobile app fore caregivers can help.

Effortless Management at Your Fingertips

  • Using their devices, caregivers can seamlessly handle administrative tasks like submitting time sheets, reviewing policies, and accessing training materials. Within the app, caregivers can also easily swap shifts amongst themselves and view and accept available shifts without having to contact in-office staff.
  • Completing these tasks in seconds or minutes (instead of hours) will free up more time to focus on client care, and centralizing the information on a mobile app increases transparency between HQ and individual caregivers.

Stay Organized and Efficient

  • Our caregiver mobile app’s intuitive design and customizable features make daily routine management a breeze. Advanced sorting and prioritizing tools make it simple to effectively manage patient care tasks and use their precious time efficiently.

Enhance Communication With Families

In many cases, families play an integral role in managing their loved one’s home care routine. Keeping them looped in and updated is a must if you want to facilitate continuity of care and provide peace of mind.

Real-Time Updates and Alerts

  • Our mobile app enables caregivers to send instant notifications directly to family members, so they can stay informed at all times. Alerts can be sent to signal significant events or changes in the client’s condition, ensuring prompt and effective communication. 

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