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Survey Reveals Home Care Leaders Predict a Tech-Driven, Caregiver-Focused Future Amidst Growing Challenges


(Waco, TX – May 2, 2024) AxisCare, a leading provider of home care software, today released the findings of its independent survey, The Future of Homecare, conducted by Leading Home Care…a Tweed Jeffries company and the Homecare CEO Forum. The survey indicates a strong trend toward integrating advanced technological solutions and enhancing caregiver recruitment and retention methods as leaders navigate increasing operational and financial challenges.  

The survey’s findings underscore the significant impact that technology is expected to have on the industry. A notable 81% of respondents identified Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a game-changing technology with capabilities that could revolutionize everything from administrative processes to client care. Furthermore, 56% see remote patient monitoring as a key technological tool that will enhance the delivery of care, and 49% believe that tablet-based communication will greatly improve interaction and service provision in home care settings. 

The increasing caregiver shortage represents not only an operational pain point but a significant impediment to growth, with 69% of company leaders classifying it as ranging from very painful to extremely painful. The survey reveals a critical emphasis on developing systems to support caregivers more effectively: 

  • 55% of industry leaders plan to prioritize caregiver recruitment systems, reflecting the sector’s acknowledgment of the ongoing need for skilled professionals 
  • 50% emphasize the importance of retention systems, aiming to ensure a stable and satisfied workforce 
  • 46% highlight the enhancement of scheduling systems as crucial for operational efficiency, aiming to simplify the complex logistics of home care service delivery 

“The survey’s findings underscore the critical role of technology in addressing the industry’s most pressing challenges, from caregiver shortages to improving care delivery,” said Todd Allen, CEO of AxisCare. “As we look to the future, it’s clear that integrating innovative tech solutions and enhancing workforce management strategies are paramount for home care agencies aiming to thrive in this new era.” 

This survey paints a picture of the home care industry at a pivotal moment, poised to leverage technology to overcome its greatest challenges and to enhance the working conditions and effectiveness of its most valuable asset – its caregivers. 

View: The Future of Home Care: A 2024 Survey of the Home Care Industry & Future Trends

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