Press Release- AxisCare Announced as Companion Connection Senior Care’s Preferred Software Provider

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Waco, TX, January 15, 2018- Companion Connection Senior Care has chosen AxisCare as the exclusive software provider of the CCSC network of home care agencies. AxisCare has been working with Companion Connection agencies for several years and has now been selected to be the only preferred provider for the national organization.

“Choosing a scheduling software company comes with a steep learning curve and commitment and is the lifeblood of every successful agency,” CCSC President David Goodman said. “AxisCare has studied the process of servicing agency clients and have developed a superior support system that is seamless for members. We believe Companion Connection Senior Care members will find great value in this new partnership.”

Todd Allen, AxisCare president, shared his excitement about the partnership. “Home care agencies worldwide have found AxisCare’s software and support superior to our competitors. We have seen Companion Connection’s dedication to excellence and growth, and we are honored to join their vision to equip home care agencies with the best technology and support in the market,” Allen said. “I deeply value the trust David and CCSC have placed in AxisCare and look forward to working with the organization for years to come.”

AxisCare was voted the Best in Class Home Care Software Provider in 2017 and has a wide selection of management tools needed for home care agencies to thrive. Features like custom forms, a GPS mobile app and electronic visit verification have drawn well established and start up agencies alike to the software platform.

Companion Connection Senior Care’s 100-plus agencies provide care to over 5000 clients a day. AxisCare’s experience with agencies in all 50 states and six countries provides a natural fit for CCSC agencies’ needs for high quality, cost effective agency management software.

About Companion Connection Senior Care

Companion Connection Senior care is a national membership organization David Goodman Co-founded with Frank Esposito in 2003 to help people start their own businesses providing non-medical home care. The membership organization provides agencies with the training and tools needed to succeed in the non-medical home care industry.

For more information about Companion Connection Senior Care, please contact or 800-270-6949 ext. 101

About AxisCare

AxisCare is a full-service Home Care Software that allows business owners to cut down on administrative tasks and get back to doing what they love. AxisCare provides a user-friendly system designed with the workflow of a non-medical agency in mind. Features include marketing, scheduling, a GPS mobile app for caregivers, billing, payroll integrations, EVV and integrated Medicaid and Long-Term Care Insurance electronic billing.

For more information about AxisCare, please contact Sales Director Will Martin at or 800-930-7201.