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Unmatched Value: The Savings Add Up

AxisCare: Unmatched Value - The Savings Add Up


When buying a car, it feels like features wrack up the sticker price. Yet, whether you go with those extras or not, the car will still get you from point A to point B. Despite this logic, shopping for home care software shouldn’t follow this pattern. You’re making an investment to help your agency run more smoothly and efficiently, and it’s understandable to want all those helpful features without worrying about prohibitive costs; that’s where we come in. 

At AxisCare, we sincerely get it. That’s why, regardless of your agency’s size, client base, or revenue, every one of our customers receives the same comprehensive, all-in-one solution. There are no costly upgrades or additional modules. This may seem straightforward, but when you compare other home care software providers, you might be surprised by how many don’t embrace this philosophy.

It Starts With Onboarding

Switching software providers represents a significant step forward in enhancing your agency’s capabilities. At AxisCare, we understand that this process can feel overwhelming, which is why we have designed a smooth and supportive transition experience for agencies of all sizes. Our reasonable one-time onboarding and setup fee encompasses all training costs, ensuring your team is fully prepared to utilize our platform from day one.  Additionally, we offer a comprehensive suite of partners, allowing you to maintain existing relationships with vendors throughout the industry and continue working with your trusted partners through our open APIs, which are available at no extra cost.

Our commitment to excellent service doesn’t simply end with onboarding. We pride ourselves on offering industry-leading customer support tailored to help you succeed. This dedicated support has earned us a remarkable satisfaction rating of 94 on G2 based on verified user reviews. We understand that each agency is unique, and onboarding should not be one-size-fits-all. By customizing your onboarding experience to match your agency’s specific needs, we ensure that your staff feels confident and prepared to use our platform effectively. Unlike other home care software providers, AxisCare eliminates the burden of additional training costs, solidifying our promise to be a true partner in your agency’s success. 

Empowering You Every Step of The Way

Agencies of all sizes using AxisCare enjoy these features as well as out-of-the-box integrations available across the home care industry:

Do you consider any of these features to be merely “nice to have” rather than essential for your staff to perform their jobs effectively? Other software providers often do. However, providing your staff with the right tools can significantly increase job satisfaction and productivity. By making their roles more accessible—through easy documentation of vital visit information and seamless communication with office staff via the industry’s highest-rated caregiver app—you enhance their working conditions. Given the importance of caregiver retention, it’s crucial to support them with the best tools available. With other home care software providers, an average medium-sized agency might have to budget an additional $500-$1,500 per month to achieve the same comprehensive, all-in-one solution that AxisCare offers. These additional charges often come from upgrading to add new features and modules or enabling caregiver messaging, whether through two-way chat or SMS messaging. At AxisCare, we ensure these essential features are part of your package, eliminating unexpected costs and focusing on the success and satisfaction of your caregivers.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Review AxisCare’s G2 profile to see how our customers feel about the value they receive:

What do you like best about AxisCare Home Care Software? 

“From the nonbusiness side, the thing I like best about AxisCare is you see many other companies either mentioning them or trying to imitate them, so that shows that they set the bar for home care software. I love that AxisCare is always adding to their offerings, no extra charges or hidden fees.”
– Verified User in Hospital & Health Care 

“It was easy to learn the system. The customer service person could answer all questions and was quite knowledgeable. AxisCare is cost effective and less expensive than other systems that don’t even offer as much.”
– Monika B. 

“I have been using AxisCare for 9 years. It’s a powerful tool that drives my marketing, leads, staffing, customers, and billing. It’s loaded with features, more than I even use, and it keeps getting better. The support staff is top notch, and the price is very reasonable.”
– Scott L. 

Invest Wisely Where It Matters Most

By now, are you wondering how much you’re overspending with your home care software provider or what features you may be missing out on due to additional fees? Schedule a demo today to see how the nice-to-have features you’re currently paying extra for are included with AxisCare and considered necessary to increase caregiver retention, optimize workflows, and boost your agency’s growth.

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Don’t settle for average software onboarding. Experience the AxisCare difference.