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Customer Story: AxisCare Helps Agency Grow Medicaid Clientele

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“It’s a great feeling to be heard and see our requests come to fruition. Having a dedicated success manager who listens and advocates on behalf of CDM has been instrumental in the growth of my agency.” 

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Heather Jurczak

After Heather Jurczak saw the need for home care in her area and successfully purchased her agency, CDM, it was evident that her and her team would need a strategic partner and an all-encompassing home care software to continue scaling their business to match the needs of seniors in the community, as well as achieve their future business goals.

Prior to using AxisCare, Heather and her team were growing increasingly nervous as their software provider at the time was unphased by impending EVV compliance deadlines and changes in state regulations continued to “give them the run around” when they brought up their concerns. With CDM’s client base being 90% Medicaid, the pressure was on to find a software provider who took their concerns seriously and had solutions in place to help them remain EVV compliant, ensuring they were able to continue delivering care to Medicaid approved seniors in the Clark County, WA area.

CDM began shopping for home care software that featured intuitive navigation, efficient yet personalized scheduling, and a user-friendly EVV-compliant mobile app as Medicaid billing is crucial to their business model. While their need for home care software assists in their billing of Medicaid clients, Heather and her team also utilize AxisCare to manage and run their adult day center where seniors in their community can come for physical therapy, companionship, and socialization. With CDM being a multi-faceted organization, they struggled to find software in the marketplace that wasn’t “one size fits all, until finding AxisCare.

When switching to AxisCare, Heather and CDM were given a dedicated customer onboarding manager to assist in the configuration of their AxisCare site to their specific needs. Additionally, the onboarding manager collaborated with Heather and her team to understand the upcoming changes to Washington’s Medicaid policies and the complexities of billing Medicaid for CDM, ensuring that they remained compliant through the transition.

"Our care coordinators are constantly learning new features within AxisCare and are excited about what they're uncovering each day in the system." 

After researching multiple options in the home care software marketplace, CDM chose AxisCare because of the:

  • User-friendly EVV-compliant Mobile App
  • AxisCare’s eagerness to understand Washington’s EVV complexities and create a solution
  • AxisCare’s import tool for Provider One, saving Heather and her team countless hours
  • AxisCare’s intelligent algorithm-driven scheduling capabilities and Caregiver Matching Feature
  • Transparency provided by Care Plans
  • Configurable attribute tracking that allows for CDM’s coordinators to quickly and confidently staff cases while valuing the unique needs, skill sets, and interests of both clients and caregivers

A major part of the decision for Heather and CDM when choosing a new vendor was the company’s mission and values. With AxisCare’s people-first mentality coupled with CDM’s goal of adding heart back into the care process and providing a better quality of life to seniors in their area, the match was perfect.

By utilizing AxisCare, Heather and her team at CDM have not only experienced an increase in their Medicaid client base but also have had peace of mind that their concerns will be addressed and heard with AxisCare. Since switching to AxisCare, CDM has seen a substantial increase in Medicaid clients and a subsequent increase in their caregiver census required to fill new shifts.

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"We are just beginning to scratch the service of what AxisCare has to offer and we're excited for CDM's continued success and future with them."

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