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SYNERGY HomeCare Selects AxisCare as Franchise Software Vendor to Enhance Operations and Support Franchisee Growth


AxisCare + SYNERGY

(Waco, TX – May 14, 2024) AxisCare, a leading provider of home care management software, is pleased to announce that SYNERGY HomeCare, the nation’s fastest-growing home care franchise for the past three years and an Entrepreneur 500-ranked enterprise, has selected AxisCare as its software provider. 

SYNERGY HomeCare’s search for a new enterprise software solution was driven by the need for streamlined scheduling, intuitive workflows, and enhanced compliance measures across its rapidly expanding franchise network. With the brand’s remarkable 37% growth in national footprint since 2020, SYNERGY HomeCare required a solution that could scale effectively while maintaining the highest standards of care and regulatory compliance for their network of over 220 franchisees operating in more than 500 territories across the U.S. 

After a thorough vetting process, SYNERGY HomeCare selected AxisCare, who offers robust features tailored to the unique demands of home care franchisees and the infrastructure to scale. Additionally, AxisCare’s platform provides unparalleled access to crucial data, facilitating better decision-making and operational visibility for the company’s growing needs.  

Charlie Young, CEO of SYNERGY HomeCare, said, “Our partnership with AxisCare is a major step towards elevating the experience and operational efficiency of our franchisees, ensuring we stay ahead in delivering exceptional in-home care.” 

SYNERGY HomeCare anticipates that the integration of AxisCare’s software will not only streamline internal processes and consolidate systems across its franchisees but also significantly enhance capacity management and compliance at a franchise level.  

“In selecting AxisCare, what impressed us most was the sense of true partnership that emerged from our initial interactions. It wasn’t merely about acquiring new software; it was about integrating a solution that felt like an extension of our team from the get-go. AxisCare demonstrated a deep understanding of our culture, our focus on driving caregiver retention, and the unique needs of the home care business,” added Chad Ainsworth, Chief Administrative Officer and CFO of SYNERGY HomeCare. 

Todd Allen, CEO of AxisCare, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Synergy and help empower their massive growth and operational excellence. This collaboration is a great example of how melding home care providers with cutting-edge technology helps seniors and caregivers have a more fulfilling experience with the home care industry. Our efforts with SYNERGY Home Care are a testament to our commitment to innovation, excellence, and, most importantly, compassion in senior care.”

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