AxisCare Launches Ground-Breaking, Full-Service Veterans Affairs Billing to Client Base

VA Billing Press Release

AxisCare, the leading scheduling and management software solution for non-medical home care businesses, has begun offering a comprehensive billing service to agencies providing services to veterans receiving benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

AxisCare VA Billing is a turn-key billing service that provides agency owners with the opportunity to outsource VA claim submissions, appeals, and payment applications within AxisCare’s management platform. With percentage-based fees determined by remittances, as opposed to claim submissions, agency owners will be able to access support to navigate the VA billing system and its various payers.

VA Billing Press Release
“Veterans Affairs clients are an important component of our office's top line, said a Visiting Angels Director and current AxisCare VA Billing user. The VA team…has earned our trust and confidence by billing clean, timely, and accurate claims, and communicating with us every step of the way. As a result, we are getting paid in weeks, not months, with very few issues. [They] take the burden of VA billing off my desk, so that I can devote my time to marketing and operations."
Current AxisCare VA Billing User
Visiting Angels Director

After successfully providing this service over the past five years to a subset of 50 agencies, AxisCare made the decision to open enrollment to all AxisCare users in response to market demand and client requests for assistance with VA billing operations. 

“After regularly encountering home care agency owners frustrated by navigating the complexities of submissions, forms, codes, and denials from VA payers, and ultimately losing profit, AxisCare decided to build out a service that takes on the heavy lifting. AxisCare VA Billing makes our agencies more profitable, saves them time and headaches, and ensures they can continue serving the veterans in their communities.”
Courtney McCormick
AxisCare's Director of Client Success

Veterans Affairs has had a system for helping agencies serve our nations’ veterans for many years, however, the complexities involved with submitting and scrubbing claims for accuracy and ensuring the correct and timely delivery of payments has hindered home care providers from offering home care to this segment of the population. 

With just over 9 million U.S. veterans currently enrolled in the VA, only 49% of the current total veteran population is using at least one VA benefit. AxisCare is hopeful that, by offering this service, many more agencies will take on more veterans in their communities and help them live a longer, more fulfilled life at home.

“AxisCare VA Billing is another game-changing service for our customers looking to begin or expand home care for another key segment of our population,” explains Todd Allen, AxisCare’s CEO. So many VA clients are either not being served or are dramatically under-served in the Home Care industry because of the daunting administrative tasks agencies face to submit claims and get paid from the VA in a reasonable timeframe. Our VA Billing service helps alleviate those roadblocks and gets agencies paid quickly while allowing them to focus on what they do best.”
Todd Allen
CEO of AxisCare

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