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AxisCare Launches Feature to Boost Caregiver Retention


AxisCare Home Care Software, the industry’s top-rated home health software, today announced the release of a new feature aimed at increasing caregiver satisfaction and retention using the AxisCare Mobile App.

The new Caregiver Satisfaction Survey feature is aimed directly at fixing the home care industry’s pain point of caregiver retention. Caregiver turnover on average is 65% for the industry. Without consistent staffing, this is the top issue for home care agencies looking to achieve their desired growth. Generally, caregivers quit without warning, giving agency owners no opportunity to address issues.   

With this new feature, agency staff will have the ability to define specific questions they want to ask their caregivers delivered via push notifications in real-time within the AxisCare Caregiver Mobile App. The Caregiver Satisfaction Survey Feature allows for configured alerts and ways of monitoring and gauging employee satisfaction throughout the care process.   

This transparent, in-house solution can allow agency owners to address satisfaction risks in specific areas of their organization – from branches, caregiver managers, to specific caregivers, allowing for pinpointed feedback and the opportunity to negate quitting, before it occurs.   

“Family Resource is excited about AxisCare’s new Caregiver Satisfaction Survey Feature and we’re confident it will allow us to be more effective in understanding our caregiver levels of satisfaction, said Jared Wiberg, Area Vice President, Family Resource Home Care. “It will help us to be more proactive and achieve far greater real-time outreach and improvements, all of which will have a positive impact on caregiver retention.”   

The AxisCare Caregiver Satisfaction Survey Feature provides timely, critical information on the current level of risk of losing their workforce, allowing the agencies to better retain their caregivers. By cultivating a culture of transparency within their agency, owners are given an opportunity to get ahead of caregiver turnover and in turn, grow their agencies 

AxisCare is dedicated to continued innovation in the home care industry and helping agency owners continue to scale their business with the use of our platform,” said John Atkinson, CTO & COO, AxisCare. “Our new Caregiver Satisfaction Survey feature is aimed at providing a solution for the industry’s top hurdle, caregiver retention. The Caregiver Satisfaction surveys enable you to get a quick pulse on how caregivers are feeling about their work at key points in their journey by receiving immediate alerts if they give a low satisfaction score. For example, agencies can automatically survey caregivers when they have their first visit with a new client or after they have been with the company for 90 days.”

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