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Rockerbox helps small business owners participate in various tax credit programs.  By participating in these programs, your home care agency can transform your bottom line.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) can significantly improve your agency’s cash flow, by up to 40%. This means more resources to invest in enhancing the quality of care and expanding your services.

Additionally, WOTC empowers you to tap into a diverse pool of talent by incentivizing the hiring of individuals from targeted groups, thereby fostering a culturally rich and inclusive caregiving environment. Leverage these tax credits to increase your agency’s profitability, strengthen its workforce, and ultimately, make a profound difference in the lives of those you serve. Don’t leave money on the table—let Rockerbox do the heavy lifting to get the money you deserve.

Key Benefits

  • Free discovery call to discuss WOTC program specifics with your home care agency.
  • Screening new hires for WOTC eligibility, integrated with your AxisCare site.
  • Providing your CPA/CFO with documentation to take advantage of WOTC credits.
  • Monthly progress reports detailing WOTC pending and certified credits.
  • Increase employee participation with a quick and easy eligibility questionnaire.

How It Works

The WOTC screening questionnaire will be sent directly to new hires via email and through their AxisCare Caregiver Mobile App. Your office managers acquire the ability to track questionnaire completion, qualification, projected credit amount, and much more on the robust Work Opportunity Tax Credit Report inside of AxisCare. Between the simple integration and our partnership with the professionals at Rockerbox, AxisCare users can rest easy knowing that they are receiving maximum Work Opportunity Tax Credits with utmost accuracy and minimum user effort. 

This integration enables Rockerbox to screen every new hire for WOTC eligibility.  New employees fill out the two-minute questionnaire, and Rockerbox is off to the races. There is no need to dig for data and forms—our integration eliminates all manual and paper-based processes and allows you to track it all form right inside your AxisCare site.

Pricing Information

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