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Leap Development understands the hiring challenges you face, and how difficult it can be to build teams that can turn organizational vision into reality. The Leap platform streamlines the hiring process using tools that help you create detailed behavioral and cognitive profiles for both current employees and potential hires. These profiles empower employers to clarify needed positions and identify the right candidates, ensuring a better fit and saving valuable time and resources. 

Leap’s mission is to catalyze deliberately developmental organizations to increase their impact through organizational clarity, developmentally minded leadership, and talent optimization. 

Key Benefits

  • Better Hiring for Reduced Turnover and Increased Profitability 
  • Behavioral Assessments 
  • Cognitive Assessments 
  • Job Assessments 
  • Team Analytics 
  • Management Reports

How It Works

Leap Development is a leadership platform that is development focused, data informed, and insight driven. No direct integration with AxisCare is needed. The Leap team will meet with you to consult, advise, and equip you with all the tools you need to start making better in-office hires and start reducing turnover among your office staff. This partnership gives you access to hiring packages designed to help you build your administrative team using evidence-based approaches. Leap Development‘s Predictive Index (PI) is a powerful software platform that builds cognitive and behavioral profiles to clarify job roles and highlight team members’ strengths. The PI can help your organization: 

  • Empower leaders and managers to optimize talent 
  • Build high-performing teams with roles tailored to the natural drives of each person 
  • Analyze personnel to provide insights that boost engagement and reduce turnover 
  • Uncover and develop potential in your employees and future leaders 
  • Nail job fit for employees (promotion) and candidates (hiring) 
  • Increase self-awareness and others’ awareness to reduce conflict 

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