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Your Complete Solution for Community Care Management

AxisCare CCM, powered by CINCH CCM®, is the only platform designed specifically for the unique complexities of community-based care combined with the operational power of AxisCare software.

The Only Solution of Its Kind

Designed for Large-Scale Community-Based Care

Introducing AxisCare Community Care Management (CCM), the premier platform tailored to meet the complex needs of community-based care. Our solution uniquely addresses the challenges faced by community-based home care while also providing seamless integration with AxisCare Home Care Software to enhance operational efficiency, transparency, and control.

With AxisCare CCM, you can effortlessly streamline scheduling, billing, payroll, and more within one unified system. Whether managing frequent schedule changes, handling caregiver no-shows and delays, or coordinating short client visits, our platform empowers directors, schedulers, and caregivers alike, ensuring every aspect of your agency runs smoothly and efficiently.

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A Solution Designed to Support Your Team

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For Directors

Oversee and optimize agency operations with ease

  • Gain a holistic view of agency operations with our Big Picture View feature
  • Make informed decisions with real-time KPIs and community information, ensuring your agency operates at peak efficiency
  • Improve operational transparency and control
  • Drive agency growth with actionable insights from comprehensive data analytics

For Schedulers

Manage complex schedules with ease and quickly respond to any changes

  • Utilize Real-Time Visual Team Scheduling for optimal allocation of caregivers
  • Use drag-and-drop scheduling for ease and flexibility
  • Schedule faster and with fewer errors
  • Manage all visits and schedules on one intuitive platform
  • Quickly adapt to changes and fill shifts efficiently

For Caregivers

Access essential information and tools, improving their ability to deliver high-quality care

  • Access schedules, client visit plans, and feedback mechanisms through a mobile-friendly interface
  • Document visit details on-the-go, ensuring accurate and timely information flow
  • Administer care with confidence and precision on every shift

Discover AxisCare CCM Features

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“As a home care agency owner, I knew the community care model would boost our margins and enable us to support seniors before they need traditional home care. AxisCare Community Care Management has been a fantastic solution for our team, bringing incredible operational efficiencies and enhancing the customer experience. This model, backed by the community, benefits everyone involved – our agency, the community, and most importantly, the seniors we serve. Now, when clients transition to traditional home care, there’s no disruption in billing or retraining the family on a new system, allowing us to provide seamless and compassionate care.”

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Jarod Carter

President, Family Home Care of Central Florida

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