Home Care Pulse leads the home care industry in experience management (surveys), caregiver/clinician training, and reputation management. On behalf of home care agencies across North America, Home Care Pulse surveys over 300,000 clients and caregivers, and provides training to help post-acute care agencies attract and retain more caregivers while improving outcomes for clients. Our integration saves your team time by keeping your learner profiles and interviewee lists up-to-date automatically within AxisCare, cutting back on time spent updating accounts.

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Key Benefits

✓ Keep client and caregiver contact information synced so you can spend less time entering data✓ Ensure accurate contact information is sent to Home Care Pulse✓ Our integration is HIPAA-compliant – we keep your data safe and secure✓ Learn exactly how you can improve quality of care, reduce turnover, and grow your home care agency✓ Automatically add and remove learners from HCP Training through our Roster Sync

How We Integrate

Once you connect your AxisCare site to Home Care Pulse, the integration will send client and caregiver records from AxisCare to Home Care Pulse. This integration works with HCP Experience Management and HCP Training. You can also choose who should be contacted for feedback on a client-by-client/caregiver-by-caregiver basis.

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Pricing Information

Contact caleb@homecarepulse.com for pricing inquiries.

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