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Differentiate your caregiver experience with a staff rewards program designed for home care. Align incentives with outcomes that matter to your agency, driving up to a 25% increase in billable hours within 12 months. Integrate Caribou with your AxisCare site to automatically assign rewards points without the hassle of manual entry.

Key Benefits

  • Drive Engagement: Staff who receive regular, small rewards are 8x more engaged than those who receive annual bonuses.
  • Build a Culture of Recognition: Over 90% of caregivers feel more appreciated after their employer launched Caribou Rewards.
  • Increase Staff Referrals: On average, agencies retain staff referrals twice as long, so let’s turn them into your #1 or #2 recruitment source by rewarding staff for filling up your candidate funnel.
  • Improve EVV Compliance: Drive up to a 50% improvement in punctual clock-ins and ensure staff stay the entire shift.
  • Enhance Communication: Give rewards for answering surveys or watching announcement videos.
  • Customize the Brand: Build loyalty to your agency through customizable program names and color schemes.

How It Works

Take the administrative work out of overseeing rewards and recognition programs. Caribou automatically pulls data from AxisCare and issues rewards to your staff based on your performance goals.

These timely incentives encourage your staff to take more shifts, be on time, stay retained, and recruit their friends.

At the same time, you maximize the ROI from your recognition budget and become a more desirable employer in the communities you serve.

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