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Agency Sees 300% Increase in VA Client Base With AxisCare

“If you’re spending more than an hour a week on your VA clients and billing for them, you should absolutely look into AxisCare VA Billing… With it being this easy, I have a better frame of mind when it comes to talking to clients and our VA contacts.”

– Ashlee Farrar, Payroll and Billing Consultant | Helping Hand Home Care

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It comes as no surprise that VA Billing tends to be a daunting process for home care agencies. When it comes to diversifying your payer sources and giving your agency a competitive edge, taking on VA billing clients is an obvious next step. What isn’t so obvious however, is the process of successfully billing these clients after being credentialed. Ashlee Farrar, a payroll and billing consultant for Helping Hand Home Care (serving four counties in Washington state) was spending upwards of two hours daily for weeks on end trying to navigate the complex VA system, only to meet dead ends and consistent roadblocks.

“If we couldn’t get this figured out, we were going to have to discontinue all services to VA clients,” said Farrar. While trying to serve her local veteran community and increase her agency’s cash flow, Farrar quickly got frustrated and almost gave up on billing the VA entirely, until she spoke with AxisCare’s VA Billing Department.

The Challenge

Helping Hand Home Care decided to start billing the VA in October 2022 as a means to grow their business. During this time, they were only able to onboard two VA clients, did not receive a single reimbursement for months of services for either client, and ended up being owed $4,000 for their services. For Farrar, the headache was not worth the reward. Even in dedicating multiple hours a week trying to make sense of the paperwork, billing by hand, and the infamous VA system, Farrar was making little headway and quickly losing hope.

“When I was trying to onboard into the VA personally, I spent hours a day for three weeks straight trying to make sense of the systems and paperwork.It was at the top of my list for weeks and I never made any progress.”
Ashlee Farrar headshot
Ashlee Farrar
Payroll and Billing Consultant | Helping Hand Home Care

The Solution

Time is of the essence when credentialing, onboarding, and beginning the process with the VA, especially since they have increased reimbursement rates in every single state in 2023—even up to $82.56/hour!

After an initial half hour onboarding call with AxisCare, Farrar has been able to become hands-off when it comes to billing the VA, saving herself time and headaches when trying to operate the system alone.

AxisCare’s full-service VA Billing solution has allowed Helping Hand Home Care and Ashlee to regain hours of their week while our team completes all their VA Billing needs. From setting up client billing tabs correctly and onboarding new clients, to submitting clean claims and appeals.

“I hear repeatedly how mentally draining the VA billing process is. There are so many hoops to jump through, and often times you don’t even know where those hoops are located. We wanted to offer AxisCare users a game-changing solution where they could offload the burden of VA billing, get paid full reimbursements like clockwork, and have their time freed up to focus on what really matters: growing their business and serving their clients well.”
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Courtney McCormick
Director of Client Success | AxisCare

The Results

The impact of automating Helping Hand Home Care’s VA Billing to AxisCare reaches far beyond the agency’s cash flow. With AxisCare VA Billing, Helping Hand Home Care experienced a 300% increase in its client base in two months and has received countless referrals sent from its local VA. With these new clients, Helping Hand has been able to employ more caregivers in their area due to an increase in available shifts.

A process that once led Farrar and countless others to almost “throw in the towel” now has a full-service solution. AxisCare continues to innovate and provide your agencies with ways to serve those in your community with ease, allowing you to focus on what matters most – providing better care.

“We’ve been able to hire additional caregivers because we need additional hours filled serving our new VA clients– it’s a win-win in our community!”
Ashlee Farrar headshot
Ashlee Farrar
Payroll and Billing Consultant | Helping Hand Home Care

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