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Family Resource Home Care Sees Significant Increase in Caregiver Retention & Record Billed Hours With AxisCare

“AxisCare has given us the tools to bring on more clients, more caregivers, and scale our business.”

– Jared Wiberg, Area VP of Operations

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There’s no doubt that finding the perfect home care software solution for your business can be a painstaking process. Family Resource Home Care, a home care agency with 26 locations, knows this all too well. After trying several options and dealing with multiple inefficiencies and a lack of flexibility in their previous platform they were eager for a change.

The Challenge

After four attempts with other caregiver scheduling software solutions on the market, Family Resource had been put through the ringer.

They started shopping for a home care software solution once the leadership team noticed the staff dreaded the daily tasks (ex: scheduling) of running their agency due to loading times and the sheer amount of clicks it took to accomplish routine and necessary functions with their prior software options.

Aside from complex and time-consuming user interfaces with other systems, Family Resource was eager to scale their business and find a strategic partner that would collaborate with them to customize their software to their growing needs.

With the goal of growing their portfolio, Family Resource needed a personal care software that allowed them to confidently scale their business, contribute into the software’s feature roadmap, and retain and schedule their growing staff of caregivers with ease.

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The Solution

AxisCare worked closely with Family Resource to understand their unique needs and configure their site, which ultimately allowed them to operate and manage their multiple branches under one convenient roof within AxisCare. With intuitive scheduling, the Preferred Work Hours Feature, custom forms, and ease of authorizations, Family Resource was able to accomplish their daily goal: “Improve More Lives.”

After multiple rounds of trial and error with other home care scheduling software options, Family Resource chose AxisCare because of the:

  • Simplicity of scheduling with AxisCare’s “real-time view”
  • Preferred Work Hours Feature – allowing caregivers to set their preferred work hours, leading to a higher retention rate across their many locations and record-breaking hours billed for the company
  • Robust reporting features and functionality – to make informed business decisions while scaling their business
  • Custom Forms allowing them to save hours of data entry
  • Flexibility and room for growth with their franchise as more than a software – but as a strategic partner
"We vetted 22 different home care software solutions and AxisCare had the sweet spot of custom ability combined with ease of use. AxisCare’s solution addresses all the key areas of business operations. I have and will continue to recommend AxisCare to all my friends in the industry. They are truly a partner for the success of my agency.”
Jared Wiberg, Family Resource Home Care headshot
Jared Wiberg
Area Vice President of Operations | Family Resource Home Care

The Results

With AxisCare’s home care software solution, Family Resource experienced significant improvements in caregiver satisfaction and retention rates, as well as scheduling ease.

Since switching to AxisCare, Family Resource Home Care has seen a significant increase in shift count hours per week and their caregiver census, as well as having 88% of their caregivers receive more than 70% of their Preferred Work Hours resulting in an increase in caregiver retention with caregivers staying with Family Resource for at least 90 days on average.

“It has been significantly easier to expand and add franchise locations with AxisCare. We (Family Resource) are just starting to take off and AxisCare and their system will continue to support us as we grow.”
Jared Wiberg, Family Resource Home Care headshot
Jared Wiberg
Area Vice President of Operations | Family Resource Home Care

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