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Agency Optimizes Multi-Location Management and Scales With AxisCare

Managing multiple locations efficiently is a challenge that many organizations face. Using AxisCare’s home care software, As Close As Family can monitor branch performance in real-time with just one click.

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Established in 2016, As Close as Family: Family Home Health Care Service (ACAF) has grown to ten locations, serving more than 200 individuals in Alabama. However, with their growth came challenges managing the operational complexity of multiple locations, communication between offices, and obtaining real-time data. CEO Adam Berry chose AxisCare as their strategic partner to tackle these challenges, confident that managing multiple locations within AxisCare would only improve ACAF’s operational efficiency. AxisCare’s home care software platform provided centralized management, efficient scheduling, robust reporting, and a people-first approach to Adam and his growing staff. As a result, As Close as Family experienced significant improvements in operational efficiency, resource allocation, and transparency across all branches. AxisCare’s home care software has played a pivotal role in transforming home care operations, proving fundamental to As Close as Family’s success story. 

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