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Why Updated Technology Carries Companies Through Crises

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Software can be a tremendous asset to any organization—but it has its limits when not modernized and maintained.

Failing to purchase quality platforms or finance routine updates often leads companies straight into trouble: making recovery exponentially more difficult, expensive, and time-consuming.

Take the recent Southwest Airlines crisis that canceled more than 17,300 flights. Bad weather and a “tridemic” pummeled airlines, including Southwest, into a logistical nightmare. While the airlines with modern scheduling technology rebounded quickly, Southwest‘s 1990’s-era operations did not.

The variety of potential technical malfunctions provides a constant threat to organizations: for instance, the failing NHS app that couldn’t read vaccination status and caused havoc for Brits traveling in late 2021.

And, of course, there is always cybersecurity. Hackers regularly compromise customer data and personal information through data breaches. T-Mobile was the recent victim of stolen credentials that could have potentially been avoided by additional online security measures. 

Countless stories from high-profile organizations like these point to one thing: your agency’s survival against external and internal threats lies in honed, primed, and reliable software.


The Criticality of Updated, High-Computing Software

Accidents and disasters happen, causing mayhem and the need for restructuring and rescheduling. 

But reliable software is like a generator: a backup when things go awry, and a quick return to normalcy.

When Southwest Airlines faced crew shortages from the tridemic and an onslaught of bad winter weather, its antiquated scheduling software couldn’t keep up with the chaos.

“…the company’s outdated scheduling software quickly became the main culprit of the cancellations once the storm cleared…” 

In addition, “…manual scheduling left Southwest building an incredibly delicate house of cards that could quickly tumble when the company encountered a problem.” — CNN

Home care visits and caregiving schedules are equally complex—they can change drastically from one day to another. That’s why the latest home care software, designed to handle a high volume of fluctuation and rescheduling, is essential. Professional software and apps also require regular updates to address potential malfunctions and provide new features and improvements.

This problem — relying on older or deficient software that needs updating — is known as incurring ‘technical debt,’ meaning there is a gap between what the software needs to be and what it is.New York Times

Regular modernization and maintenance—and a commitment to investing in emerging technology—will help your organization sail through adversity.


Security Breaches and Securing Customer Data

Updates and scans are equally critical for addressing security vulnerabilities and malware or viruses. 

When customer data is leaked, it can have a number of dire consequences on a business: including a loss of revenue (when customers are unable to make purchases or access their account information) and a complete loss of trust.

Leaked customer data can also lead to identity theft and fraud, triggering regulatory penalties if the data includes personal information such as names, addresses, and Social Security numbers.

T-Mobile’s customer information was compromised in 2021, forcing many agencies to question consumer safety and the reliability of the popular phone network.  According to the hacker claiming responsibility for the attack, “…T-Mobile had unprotected routers and weak spots in the company’s internet addresses that gave him access to over 100 servers.” — CNET

Your home care clients need the best possible protection—for their sake and your own. When you purchase software with cutting-edge firewalls and maintenance, you aren’t splurging—you’re doing your due diligence. 

Your Home Care Software Solution

Home care agencies can’t afford to take technology for granted; securing top-notch software should be considered a top priority.  

The best home care software is the complete package, with an all-in-one user-friendly solution and top-tier support. It’s an upfront investment with strategic benefits. 

You’d probably make disaster plans for a hurricane, buying extra food for storage and wooden planks to secure your windows. To mitigate accidents in the case of a blizzard, you’d gladly keep your employees home and lose revenue for a day. 

Your agency, your clients, and your caregivers deserve the same preparedness—the same safety—that updated software provides. It’s time to research your options and make a discerning choice. 

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