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Customer Support That Actually Answers the Phone

AxisCare: Customer Support That Actually Answers the Phone


It’s been a long, busy day at your home care agency. Your caregivers are all across town serving your clients as you work from your company office coordinating, tracking, scheduling, reporting, and billing from your home care software. Things are going great! You feel like you’ve finally hit a groove with your home care software, and then suddenly, you hit a roadblock. Everything you’re working on comes to a halt because of an error message you’re receiving in your software. You think, “Is it something I’m doing? Is it the software’s fault? HELP!” You pick up the phone and call your software’s customer support line. The phone rings a few times. You wait. A few more rings. Still no answer. More rings. Finally, you hear an all-too-familiar answering machine, “thank you for calling…” You groan in frustration. “Not again!” You quickly leave your voicemail, hang up, and pray they return your call quickly.

Since your question is still not answered, you feel stuck in your day, so you hop onto Google and start typing in “home care software with good customer support.” After scrolling through the top “Sponsored” search results and Google’s “featured snippet,” you land on the top organic search result: G2’s page for Best Home Care Agency Management Software. You click on the G2 link, and your eyes immediately land on AxisCare Home Care Software at the top of the list. “Interesting…” you think as you click on AxisCare’s listing.

A Responsive Customer Support Team Can Save the Day

Almost every home care agency owner, office manager, director, etc., has had an experience like the one above. No software is perfect. Things happen out of your control that require the assistance of your home care software provider. What happens when you call your software provider’s customer support line is where the story differs for AxisCare users. An AxisCare user would have been greeted on the phone by a Customer Support Team member in about 30 seconds, and their question would have been resolved in about 12 minutes (real performance stats from AxisCare’s Customer Support Team). That means their day could continue as usual: coordinating, tracking, scheduling, reporting, billing, etc., for their agency. A responsive customer support line saves AxisCare users’ days from derailment.

What Are Customers Saying?

When you start scrolling through AxisCare’s G2 profile, you start noticing reviews from real AxisCare customers saying things like:

What do you like best about AxisCare Home Care Software?
The best part or the best partS? Loads of customizing options, tons of features, and great US-based customer support. Really, it all comes back to their customer support. I use AxisCare every day, literally, and when I have a question I simply call them up and they answer every time. If I ever need to alter a setting, their customer support walks me through it and educates me on additional options. If I’m curious about analyzing certain data, customer support shows me features available to pull that exact data. Needless to say, I feel secure with the AxisCare software and the AxisCare team.
– Henry S.

What do you dislike about AxisCare Home Care Software?
I honestly love everything about AxisCare and any time I have a problem, the support staff has been amazing to help me resolve the issue.
– Allie C.

What do you like best about AxisCare Home Care Software?
The friendly, knowledgeable staff go above and beyond. From the sales to the onboarding and then the customer service for ongoing support we are very happy.
– Verified User in Hospital & Health Care

Your mind starts racing. “You mean there’s a different software provider out there that actually answers the phone?” You have to get to the bottom of this. You start researching AxisCare across the Internet. Capterra, GetApp, Software Advice, TrustRadius, (even Google Reviews!) all share the same story – customers happy with the support they receive.

Customer Satisfaction Scores Above 96%

You continue your research of AxisCare and see a video on their YouTube channel titled “Making Your Success Our Mission.” You start watching, and 45 seconds into the video, you become slack-jawed. AxisCare’s Director of Customer Support, Matt Bonow, just said, “Over the last year our customer satisfaction scores have been above 96%.” “Impossible,” you think. Matt continues in the video, “We have averaged a high answer call rate of 96% or more. And our first reply time to emails has been below 30 minutes.” You think, “Below 30 minutes?! I’m still waiting for a reply from my software provider from over 24 hours ago.”

AxisCare Customer Support Stats
AxisCare Customer Support Stats

Is It Worth Switching Your Home Care Software Over Bad Customer Support?

So where do you go from here? You hop over to another AxisCare YouTube video titled Agency Unlocks Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency With AxisCare. You start hearing from Kathy Lehmeyer, the CEO/Founder of KIDS NW, who said, “When we made the jump to one of the largest organizations that offer CRM for home care, everything seemed okay at first, but then no matter how many times we tried it, it didn’t work right. We attempted to call the help desk, and nobody was answering the phone.” You pause and think, “Been there, but is no one answering the phone really a cause for switching your software?” You hit play again and Kathy continues, “The help desk would answer and hang up. The pain of staying has to outweigh the pain of change, and that’s where we were. We needed someone that was more involved and more dedicated to our success.” Your mind is racing. “That’s what I want,” you think. Kathy keeps going, “From the very beginning, they heard who we were, then they showed us how the software would work for us.” You stand up from your desk. “That’s it! I’m tired of not receiving the support our company needs to operate efficiently,” you exclaim. You start drafting an email to the CEO of your agency outlining the pain points of staying with your current home care software, with point number one being customer support.

Let’s Talk. We’ll Answer.

Kathy’s story isn’t new to us. We hear a similar type of story from countless customers of ours. We love supporting home care agencies and helping them work through problems. If that’s something you’re interested in having for your agency, schedule a demo with us today so we can help get rid of the roadblock of poor customer support affecting your agency. Let’s talk. We’ll answer.

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