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A strong employment brand can help your company stand out from the competition and attract top candidates in today’s competitive job market. And if you don’t have a compelling employment brand in place, you’ll likely face challenges securing qualified talent. In fact, recent data found that 69 percent of job seekers would reject a job offer from a company with a bad employer brand.

Hireology data found that with the right employment brand in place, you can boost applicant-to-hire conversion tenfold. If you’re looking to improve your employment brand, make sure to include the following elements.

A Compelling Career Site

The most engaged candidates apply to jobs directly through the company’s career sites – Hireology data shows that 80 percent of career site applicants are quality, the highest percentage across all recruitment marketing channels. Embrace your career site as an opportunity to keep top candidates engaged by telling a story about your culture, people and core values.

Make sure to link to your career site from your company home page and in any job descriptions you post through outside sources. Also include an option to apply via mobile, as many of today’s job seekers search for and apply to open roles via mobile devices. And continuously share engaging content to get top talent excited about applying – including team photos and videos, employee testimonials, your latest benefits, and more.

Effective Job Descriptions

In your job descriptions, focus on what you have to offer more so than requirements, as the job description is your chance to sell applicants on the role and your company. Your job descriptions should begin with a detailed company overview that touches on such things as location, company history, culture, awards, community involvement and career growth. You should also highlight benefits, responsibilities and key requirements of the role, so job seekers can gauge whether or not they’re truly a fit for the role and your team before applying.

A Comprehensive List of Benefits

Today’s top talent is motivated by much more than pay alone. On your career site and in your job descriptions, highlight all the benefits your company has to offer employees, including your healthcare benefits, paid time off, training opportunities and professional development budget, to name a few.

Defined Career Paths

Today’s job seekers demand clearly defined career paths and if your employment brand strategy doesn’t include career progression, top talent will likely accept roles elsewhere. Show visuals of the paths on your career site and describe career paths in job descriptions, and highlight examples of employees who have risen through the ranks.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car is one employer that is well known known for its commitment to defined employee career paths. Through its management training program, employees are set up for long-term growth and success. On the company career site, the management trainee career path is outlined all the way from entry-level to vice president and general manager. Enterprise also has a page on the career site dedicated to employee profiles, which includes several diverse testimonials and success stories. By doing the same on your team, you can motivate qualified job seekers to apply to your open roles.

Your employment brand can ultimately make or break your hiring success. And you need qualified and engaged employees to ensure you offer top-notch customer service and your business remains profitable. To learn more about building a great employment brand – and assess the current brand you have in place – download our resource, “The Hireology Employment Brand Playbook” HERE on the original blog post.

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